Social selling is a must-do strategy for any sales professional marketing themselves, their services or their products in 2019 and beyond. It's a method of leveraging social media to attract highly targeted prospects at scale, to bring them into your social network universe, and then build awareness and interactions through targeted social messaging, posting and engagement. When it's done well, it's a game-changer. When it's done poorly, you could wind up sending the wrong messaging to many, many valuable prospects and irreparably harming your brand.

The goal is to identify your target prospect, attract that prospect at-scale, and then nurture those relationships until the prospect is ready to engage. It's a "pull" strategy, rather than "push," and that's how proper sales is effective in an internet driven world.

For clients accepted into our Social Selling Program here's what you should expect:

Stage I


The first step of the social selling program is to conduct a full audit of your current social media profiles.

Once we’ve refined your targeting, we will make specific recommendations about how to change your social profiles to optimize them for conversion, so your target prospects are more likely to reach out and contact you.

The social profile audit and optimization profile is based on a proprietary formula we have refined over years social selling across a wide variety of industry niches. The formula factors in key SEO metrics by social platform, including keywords, recommendations from colleagues & peers, endorsements, and other profile features weighted in user search.

Stage II


The second phase of the social selling program consists of refining, and zeroing in on who exactly your target prospect is. We create a persona of who exactly, ideally we need to target so we can replicate this across social media platforms.

Key proprietary metrics are used during this phase as well to ensure accurate targeting and reduce the risk of wasting time on unqualified leads. We filter lead prospects by a variety of metrics proven to convert, including but not limited to geography, interests, affiliated groups and organizations, job title, company size and years of operation, and much, much more.

Stage III


The third phase of the social selling campaign is highly critical, and is where most professionals using social media without a disciplined game-plan routinely fail.

Content creation includes connection request messaging, followup messaging, thank you notes, meeting scheduling, social posting and strategies for engagement.

We do 90% of the work for you, -you just have to reply to qualified inbound leads and follow our process for increasing your brand’s network, reach and engagement.

We provide you with our own automated social media posting software, with content created specifically for your target prospect. All you have to do is click to share across all of your social media platforms instantly.

Stage IV


The final phase of the social selling program continues indefinitely, and provides the most value over time.

As we build your social network of target prospects, we use proprietary tactics and software to retarget and engage with motivated leads who have shown interest in your profile, messaging, landing pages or listings.

We provide automated software for social posting, monitoring and engagement, along with all the content you’ll ever need for optimized posting on a daily basis. Set it and forget it, -we’ll show you exactly how your network, brand and lead-flow is growing over a month-to-month basis.

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