It seems like a minor detail, but it's a really important one. Simply put, if you don't have a profile photo on BizNexus your chances of being contacted by a buyer or seller on the platform are DRAMATICALLY reduced. Here's why:

Our Algorithm Favors Photos

Our algorithm prioritizes profiles and listings with complete information, and that starts with the photo. Generally speaking, profiles and listings with photos are more likely to be prioritized in search over all other profiles and listings without photos. We still factor in all of the other metrics that make up our secret search sauce, but photos are a really important factor and are weighed heavily.

If you were an entrepreneur hoping to sell a business looking to reach out and connect with an intermediary, who would you choose?

It's human nature... You want to see a face. When was the last time you accepted an invitation to connect by somebody on LinkedIn without a photo? Would you send a marketing flyer to somebody without your head-shot? Same thing applies with BizNexus. See the below suggested intermediary search results... Who would you choose to contact?

The same logic applies to buyers. Listings with photos are much more likely to attract inquiries from buyers on the BizNexus Platform:

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