Once you've signed up for BizNexus, you have the opportunity to create and optimize your profile to get found by users on our platform.

Business owners considering a potential exit or valuation, and business buyers are much more likely to reach out and message broker profiles that have been completed, as in video and screen-shot the examples below. The BizNexus matching algorithm prioritizes completed profiles, so the more information you are able to add, the better the matching process works. Key sections of your BizNexus profile that affect search results and will help you get found by buyers and sellers on the BizNexus platform include:


  • Very few people will reach out to connect with a profile that lacks a photo. Would you?

Completed transactions / Businesses sold

  • If you have completed transactions, be sure to submit those directly on your profile. Our matching algorithm takes these into account, and the more listings you've sold, and the more data you can provide on this, the more likely we are to match you with appropriate deals.

Current listings / Current businesses for sale

  • Our algorithm also takes current listings into account when matching brokers with buyers and sellers. Be sure to add those, delete any that aren't currently on the market, and upload pictures, financial metrics etc. so buyers are more likely to reach out.

Reviews from colleagues and clients

  • Ever tried a restaurant or a new contractor without checking for reviews first? Neither have we... It's 2019, -like it or not people want to see reviews and more often than not trust those more than personal recommendations from colleagues or peers. Request reviews directly from your profile, or share the link with your network via email or LinkedIn. (NOTE: Your profile is not publicly searchable unless a seller on our platform answers qualifying questions and clearly indicates they are looking for a seller intermediary and we suggest you as a match)

Testimonials from colleagues and clients

  • Testimonials are a great way to add value to your profile the minute you sign up, and set it up. Simply copy and paste testimonials which have already been given to you by clients, partners or colleagues, and those will show

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