Sign Up For BizNexus

Step By Step

1. When you’re on the homepage for, hover over “For Business Brokers” at the top of your screen. Select “Business Broker Login” from the dropdown menu


2. Select “Sign-Up” below the log-in box

3. Follow the on screen instructions to fill out your account credentials.

4. If you are in our directory, you will be prompted to claim your profile. If not, then please continue following your on screen instructions.

5. Congratulations! You have successfully created your account on BizNexus. In order to maximize on your lead potential, we recommend filling out your profile:

      a. Areas Served.

      b. Company Name.

      c. Profession.

      d. Number of Years in Industry.

      e. Broker License Number (If applicable).

      f. About (Write a bio about yourself for business sellers & buyers).

      g. Industries of Expertise.

      h. Certifications.

      i. Associations & Award.

      j. Completed Transactions.

      k. Current Listings.

      l. Reviews & Testimonials.

Note: BizNexus Profiles with more data have a higher chance to receive more leads during our matching process.

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