Our search algorithm is constantly growing and changing, but one thing will never change when it comes to getting found as a business intermediary on our platform. The more accurate data you can provide in your profile and listings, the easier it is for us to match you with buyers and sellers who are likely to convert, to be a fit for your business... We can't emphasize this enough:

Our goal is to match you with buyers and sellers who are a GREAT fit, and who are likely to be a prospect that actually converts into happy customer, somebody who commits to and completes a GREAT transaction with you. We do this with data, so it makes sense that the more relevant information you provide, the better we can match you with the prospects you hope to connect with.

A few tips for your BizNexus profile:

  1. Make sure you add a clear, professional photo so prospects are likely to reach out and send a message.
  2. Add your completed transactions and current listings to help optimize your search results as buyers and sellers search our platform.
  3. Add reviews and testimonials from happy clients, partners and colleagues. You should shoot for a minimum of two reviews, and two testimonials. If you want to get competitive add more....

For more tips on optimizing your profile, check out this help article.

A few tips for optimizing your listings to get found:

  1. Use a great photo that tells users what your listing is about ( we like Pixabay, Pexels & Istock
  2. Entere in ALL the metrics you have that are relevant, and that would be useful for a potential buyer to know in order to incentivize them to reach out.
  3. Share your listing with your other Social Networks and email your completed listing to your buyer networks. (If you'd like us to retarget anybody who visits your BizNexus listing page, we can do that as well through our digital agency).
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